Meet Tiffany  --->

Inspiration station. Pachamama by Dan Hillier via Giphy


After two decades working in agencies specialising in communications and future-scoping, I’ve learnt what feels good is often what works best. Intuition often doesn’t have a seat at the ‘business’ meeting, yet I believe it has a large part to play in creating better business.

I’m told my extensive experience and natural disposition instills decision makers with the confidence to explore new paths that optimise and market their products and services. Which is really rewarding - for clients and for me.

I found the full-time, full-on way of life in agencyland didn’t reap the rewards I was seeking, professionally or personally. Rogue Matters was born as a manifestation of what I’m good at, with people I’m interested in and initiatives I value. I am part of a wider community of people questioning the norms in business, creativity and citizenship to create better realities.

This extended, supportive network is often a source for collaborators. Whilst our skills are diverse, we are united by being diligent about asking better (sometimes awkward) questions, to create more resilient solutions. For our own interest, and our clients benefit, we draw inspiration from artistic expression (I am an artist at heart) and champion a lo-fi approach to life and work (I moved from London to Lincolnshire in 2018). However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get shit done.