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“I’ve worked with Tiffany to build and articulate strategies for pushing my business forward. She is utterly supportive and enthusiastic while rigorously challenging me to be smarter, clearer, more efficient and more joined up in my thinking and writing. She can see what I’m aiming for when I’m still muddled myself, calling out my potential even then. Her input enables me to be bolder and reach further. She’s fab.” 

Sophie Shaw, Founder, House of Cultural Curiosity

“Tiffany proved herself to be an invaluable partner in the early stages of my business; she helped refine and clarify key points of difference and messages in a way that resonates with our customers. As a someone who was making the leap from the corporate world to being an Entrepreneur, Tiffany was a brilliant sounding board for me in terms of ideas and was able to craft our plans into a compelling story for our website and beyond.”

Sue Campbell, Founder, KIND2

he is utterly supportive and

"Over the course of 5 years working with Tiffany as a brand activation partner as well as a brand consultant on a number of projects, it is acutely evident her gift securely resides in her ability to understand her client, the brief and the complex matrix of often unspoken yet implied information that can make or break a project. Tiffany's emotional intelligence coupled with her industry knowledge sets her apart. Her gentle yet clear communication style and insight is invaluable for a creative team to succeed in delivering a strategy that is impactful and actionable. She takes pride in comprehensively researching the project holistically while also being generous in sharing information to ensure success truly is a team effort. And she's a good dollop of fun to top it all off!"

Sima Kumar, CEO, The Other Box

“I’ve worked with Tiffany on several occasions. Her perspective, innate curiosity and great creative instincts make her a powerful guide to agencies and clients alike. From designing and facilitating workshops to presenting at global conferences on behalf of Geometry, Tiffany’s work is always highly engaging because of her uncommon ability to humanise business problems.”

Emily Shaw, Strategic Planner - Global Strategy Development, Geometry Global

“I turn to Tiffany for her considered and professional approach to humanising communications. In conjunction with exceptional copywriting skills, she always thinks from the point of view of the customer journey, and how communication can convey information, as well as the energy of the company ethos. A clear and precise communicator, she insists on accuracy, honesty and a light touch. Working on her own or as part of a team, she has been a key player in creating a strong communication strategy for my business, and has also not shied away from detailed work to support us in a challenging market.”

Anastasia Alexander, Founder, Cosmos St Lucia

"Tiffany was recommended by word of mouth and we’ve worked together on a couple of projects. In 2016 we launched a new website to communicate more clearly our key messages and define our business offer. Together we generated copy templates for use across different media, worked on product descriptions, improved the website user journey and developed a format for our visual content. In 2019 we collaborated on articulating a new product offer: positioning, key messages, draft copy. This time we worked in a team which included the salespeople. It was important to build consensus and both understand and distil all the different opinions, suggestions and ideas. Tiffany was able to manage the process and take it to a conclusion with the support of all parties. She offers a valuable external view and works well both in a small group or larger team delivering every time, on time."

Lincoln Rivers, Director,
Wireworks London

“Being mentored by Tiffany has transformed my life. Her warm encouragement paired with strategic thinking, intercultural understanding, curiosity, kindness and wit are all gleaming facets of the dynamic leader Tiffany is. She helped me define my vision, offerings and to deeply trust my intuition, adventuring out of my comfort zone and leaning into the (sometimes!) discomfort of my true self. I’ve always found her to be fully present, grounded, compassionate and open. Tiffany has played a vital role in the transition of my business, but more importantly has imprinted my heart. She saw the potential in me that so many people bypassed, she ignited the catalyst of self-transformation by creating frameworks, defining and redefining my offerings, while also encouraging me to rest and celebrate. She held me in a safe space when I was breaking and lost in the darkness. She is the Phoenix that swooped down and taught me to fly and soar high.”

Poonam Duffer, Founder, YSM8

"I first met Tiffany as her client, when I was Marketing Director for Hunter boots. The when I launched my own luxury swimwear business I called on her again. For me, Tiffany did that rare thing of translating unique selling points into an emotionally engaging, relevant pitch for my customer. She structured my thinking into a straightforward yet descriptive brand copy, that I cherish and use on a daily basis. Tiffany also created a template I can repurpose for my product information, presenting features and highlighting benefits in a sharp, concise manner. The assets she delivered form the pillars of my brand and are core to my business story."

Ann-Marie Buckley, Founder, Ava Verdu

"We worked with Tiffany to help frame and describe a new course that we launched in 2018. Tiffany listened to our goals and translated them into copy that's engaging and conveys the benefits for students, while also differentiating from our existing courses. She also provided a template for ongoing course descriptions and advised on information to improve the customer experience of our website. Her fresh perspective was invaluable and we really enjoyed working with her."

Darina Allen, Founder,
Ballymaloe Cookery School

"Tiffany partnered with me to launch HiLo, high veg low meat lunch pots. Taking it from concept to activation, she tackled classic startup issues with creativity and determination, building the brand while I handled operations, sales and funding. Her remit spanned brand development, packaging, creating visual assets, copywriting (short and long form), population and management of social media (zero ad spend), creating pop-up opportunities and hosting them, developing our fan base, identifying and delivering profile raising opportunities. Full disclosure: Tiffany is my sister, we (unexpectedly) worked together really well and I definitely recommend her."

Jasper Wight, No Boring Bites - Food Business Consultancy

"Border Vintage is a project that I'd been wanting to launch for ages but hadn't found the time. Tiffany partnered with me to turn the idea into reality, to make vintage clothing donations work harder and raise more funds for Cancer Research UK. From the creation of the brand name, tone of voice, visual identity and copywriting, to merchandising, shooting, launching and managing the Instagram, to identifying pop-up shop venues and co-hosting the events, Tiffany gets it done. And more."

Debbie Dean, Store Manager, Cancer Research UK + Founder, Border Vintage