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What we offer


Research and Analysis Reports, Workshops, Presentations


Strategy, Copywriting, Creative direction


One-to-one and Team Consultancy


Walkshops, Pop-ups, Lo-fi re-treats

What you get

Trusted Guidance

People from all industries and practices come to us seeking clarity and guidance, which we provide with respect and sensitivity...although that doesn’t mean we don’t say what we think. The extent of our input reflects the brief - so clients input on the level of collaboration and desired output. Often we help clients create a brief. We’re always as flexible as we can be without compromising the impact.

Human Intel

We deliver insight into people, specifically audiences actively consuming your products and services, new target customers, and/or employees within your organisation. Our speciality is youth culture but we’re not restricted to that. We are active observers, questioners, listeners and analysts. We are dynamic, injecting fresh energy into organisations, playing back findings in ways that inspire and drive action. We don’t do endless powerpoints or documents that send readers into snoozeville. We take pride in turning info into intel, inspiring curiosity, creativity and fundamentally, connection.

Cultural Relevance

Talking about people is one thing, meeting them in real life is another. To get you closer to your audience, we curate walkshops: immersive walking workshops that take you into the environments your audience lives, works and plays. We also host a roaming supper club, Dining with Rogues, because dinner time is when people are particularly receptive - ready to stop thinking and start feeling. And, well, we love food.

Asset Creation

Predominantly we create copy and multimedia assets for marketing and sales (websites, social media, presentations, print materials). We also input on communications strategies that clients execute, sometimes with our support. Sometimes we create and host pop-ups to showcase products/services in new settings while capturing audience feedback. Occasionally we host lo-fi rural retreats, bringing clients into a suitable context for deeper exploration and enhanced understanding.

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